Monday, 9/15/14

Learning Objective:

  • To determine how experiments are used to solve problems
  • To determine the characteristics of a well-designed experiment

Learning Activities:

  1. Cue Brainstorm- Watch the video on the design of an Automatic Door Opener  and write down ideas and questions about using experiments and the scientific method to solve problems. Use p.14 in ISN
  2. Create a cover page for the unit on Experimental Design, Measurement, & Data Collection. Use p.15 in ISN

Rules for Cover Page:
Write the title very large so that it is easy to read.
Draw a minimum of 3 pictures that represents the unit. Ex. rulers, beakers, cylinders, scales, graphs, data tables, etc.
Color the entire page, corner to corner, using colored pencil or crayons- no white paper showing


Complete cover page