Tuesday, 9/16/14- Open House Tonight!

Learning Objectives:

  • To explain how experiments are used to solve problems
  • To determine the characteristics of a well-designed experiment
  • To gather and record data to find answers to questions

Learning Activities:

  1. Attendance/Record HW/Collect safety contracts
  2. Check HW- Experimental Design, Measurement, & Data Collection cover page on p.15 in ISN
  3. Do Now- Write down at least 3 ideas/questions on sticky notes about using experiments, measurement, and data collection to solve problems. Stick onto p.14 in ISN
  4. Formulate unit question using ideas/questions from sticky notes
  5. Set up Understanding Connections pp.16-17 in ISN- Draw picture in center of page & write main unit question inside


Complete p.5 in ISN- Color picture of yourself and color icons with colored pencil