Thursday, 9/18/14

In order to participate in today’s experiment, follow all laboratory safety regulations. Remember to be respectful, use self-control, and cooperate.

Learning Objectives:

  • To explain how experiments are used to solve problems
  • To determine the characteristics of a well-designed experiment
  • To gather and record data to find answers to questions

Learning Activities:

  1. Attendance/Collect safety contracts/Write HW in planner/Reminder of lab safety regulations
  2. Do Now- Set up page titles and check Key Question, Problem Statement, Hypothesis, Procedure, & Data Collection; Write Thought Questions on p. 18.
  3. Designer Plane Experiment- Follow instructions on how to make planes here.  Follow procedure in Experimental Design to make change to one plane. Follow teacher’s directions on how to fly planes, Remember to collect data & record in Data Table.


Answer Thought Questions on p.18 due on Mon. 9/22