Wednesday, 10/22/14

Learning Objective:

  •  To describe the properties of matter

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Add to Table of Contents and Set up Discussion Questions on ISN p.34 and Educational Video-Properties of Matter on ISN p.35
  2. Periods 4 & 6- Read story about Goo and Observation Investigation- Record observations in ISN p.33
  3. Periods 2,3, & 7- Review Observation Investigation on ISN p.33
  4. “Today we learned…”  for Goo Observation on Understanding Connections on ISN pp.28-29
  5. Educational video- “Properties of Matter” United Streaming- Answer video questions on handout & discussion questions on p.34
  6. “Today we learned…” for educational video on Understanding Connections on ISN pp.28-29
  7. Trim & tape graphic organizer onto ISN p.31 and video questions onto ISN p.35
  8. Collect science notebooks in crates