Monday, 2/23/15

Learning Objectives:

To describe friction and identify factors that determine the friction force between two objects

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Get out your “Graphs of Some Simple Distance vs Time Data,” Get out your ISN, set up p.80, & add it to your Table of Contents, and Read the “Friction” passage & answer the 2 questions
  2. Complete Graphs of Some Simple Distance vs Time Data- Review 3 graphs & questions on back
  3. Engage- Cargo ship in storm video- Brainstorm what will stop the motion of the cars if you couldn’t tie them all down. On p.80 in ISN.


Complete Brainstorm on ISN p.80

A force that slows down, stops, or makes it hard for an object to move is called friction. The amount or force of friction depends on two things: the type of surfaces that are touching and the force pressing the surfaces together.