Tuesday, 3/17/13- A Day

Learning Objective:

To predict the motion of an object given the magnitude and direction of forces acting on it (net force)

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner; Open your ISN & add to the Table of Contents; Open to pp.88-89 & head it properly for today’s demonstration; If it is not already done, trim & tape Friction Experiment conclusion to p.84.
  2. Demonstration- Tug of War
  3. Experiment-Forces- How can the motion of the cart be changed?
  • In your lab group, plan your lab (problem statement, IV, DV, control, constants, hypothesis, procedure) on the advanced organizer


  • Complete Reading Comprehension- “A Giant Wooden Roller Coaster Named Goliath is Ready to Make Riders Scream”
  • Science Notebooks due on Fri. 3/20