Wednesday, 4/22/15- A Day- Today is Earth Day!

Learning Objective:

  • To describe the relationship between an object’s mass and its inertia when at rest and in motion
  • To express mathematically how the mass of an object and the force acting on it affects it acceleration

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Get out your ISN and open to your homework on p.92; Add p.94 to your Table of Contents & head p.94 properly; Write down what you learned from the Motion & Forces Graphic Organizer on a sticky note and stick it to pp.70-71.
  2. Review HW- Laws of Motion diagrams on ISN p.92
  3. Cue- Stomp Rocket demonstration and Lift Off of Rocket video segment
  4. Experiment-Straw Rocket- Brainstorm what can be changed about a rocket’s design to get it to travel the farthest distance? (ISN p.94)
  5. Webquest- Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion