Wednesday, 10/14/15- A Day- Aquaculture Presentation Period 1

Remember: As long as you act like a scientist when we do science, you will be treated like a scientist and conduct investigations. If not, you get to watch the rest of us do science.

Learning Objective:

To use appropriate tools and techniques to make observations/measurements and gather data

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Get out your science notebook and add Measurement Work Stations – p.25 (right side) to the Table of Contents; Turn to page 25 in your science notebook and head it with Measurement Work Stations-Observations-10/14/15; Read the Measurement Work Stations Lab.
  2. Review HW- Asking questions p.22
  3. Observations- Measurement Work Stations-Model measurement at each station. Stations are as follows: Station 1:Using a balance, Station 2: Using a graduated cylinder, Station 3: Using a Celcius thermometer, Station 4: Using a metric ruler to determine solid volume, Station 5: Determining the volume of an irregularly shaped solid, Station 6: Riddles to Ponder, Station 7: Google classroom sign-up/data entry. Review Group Member Responsibilities & Safety Regulations. Complete the Lab Safety Checklist-“Before You Begin.”
  4. Lab Safety Checklist- “After Lab is Completed”


Interactive Science Notebooks due Friday 10/16