Thursday, 12/3/15- B Day

Learning Objectives:

  • Gases and liquids are made of molecules or inert atoms that are moving about relative to each other.
  • In a liquid, the molecules are constantly in contact with others; in a gas, they are widely spaced except when they happen to collide. In a solid, atoms are closely spaced and may vibrate in position but do not change relative locations.

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Get out your notebook and open to pages 28-29; Read the essential questions in your light bulb and the statements on the sticky notes about what you learned; Ask the person who sits next to you one question about the concepts that you are learning that you think will be on the quiz.
  2. Assessment- Matter- Solids, Liquids, & Gas Quiz
  3. Cornell Notes of “Solids, Liquids, and Gases”- Complete group presentations and individual summaries on flip page to 41