Wednesday, 2/3/16- B Day

Learning Objective:

Each pure substance has characteristic physical properties like density (for any bulk quantity under given conditions) that can be used to identify it.

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner; Add to your NEW Table of Contents- Density Cue p.56 (Left Side), Density Cover Page p.57 (Right Side), AND Density Demonstration p.58 (Left Side); Get out your science notebook and head page 58 properly with “Density-Demonstration-2/3/16”
  2. Demonstration– Do cubes of exactly the same size and shape have the same mass? Why does one cube have a greater mass than the other?
  3. Diagram– Copper and Aluminum Atoms in a Cube (Answer Question 1 in cooperative table group)
  4. Animation/Modeling– How to measure volume & mass of a cube (Answer Questions 2-6 in cooperative table group)
  5. Unit Cover pageā€“ On p. 57 in your interactive science notebook, create a cover page for the unit on Density.
  • Write the title very large so that it is easy to read.
  • Draw a minimum of 3 pictures that represents the unit.
  • Color the entire page, corner to corner, using colored pencil or crayons- no white paper showing


  • Density Unit Cover page due Friday, 2/5
  • Periods 3 & 6ā€“ Science Writing Activity due Friday, 2/5