Monday, 3/7/16- A Day

Learning Objective:

  • To plan an investigation identify factors that determine the friction force between two objects


Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today‚Äôs homework assignment in your planner; Get out your science notebook. Add to a NEW Table of Contents- “Friction Cue p.70” (Left Side) and “Friction Cover Page p.71” (Right Side). Trim and tape the new table of contents to the inside front cover; Head page 70 properly with “Friction-Cue-3/7/16.”
  2. Trigger- Start your inquiry… Observe the cargo ship in the storm. Produce the Questions. On lined paper, write as many questions as you can about what you observed. Improve the questions. Decide if each question is an open-ended question or a closed-ended question. Share the questions. Choose your group’s favorite open-ended question and close-ended questions to share. (Cooperative Table Groups: Seat #1-Recorder; Seat #2-Reader; Seat #3-Presenter)
  3. Cue– Observe the cargo ship in the storm. On page 70 of your science notebook, write down how you might slow down, stop, or at least make it hard for the cars to move. You cannot secure the cars to the deck because there is not any ropes/chains. (Write-Pair-Share)


  • Friction Unit Cover Page due on Friday, 3/11
  • Periods 3 & 6– Density Problems due on Wed. 3/9