Wednesday, 3/23/16- A Day

Learning Objective:

  • To explain, in terms of electrons and protons, why a charged object is attracted or repelled by another charged object
  • To explain that the attraction between positive protons and negative electrons holds an atom together

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now-Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Understanding Connections p.80” (Left Side) and “Understanding Connections p.81” (Right Side); Head both pages 80 & 81 properly with “Atoms, elements, & Periodic Table-Understanding Connections-3/22/16; Read the questions that you wrote on page 78 of your science notebook.
  2. Trigger- Start your inquiry…Observe the electrolysis of water demonstration. Share the questions that you wrote on page 78 of your science notebook with your partner and then with the class. What did you observe?
  3. Understanding Connections-p.80-81 in interactive science notebook. Formulate Unit Question using ideas/questions from your questions on p.78. Draw a light bulb in the center of the page and write Unit Question inside the light bulb.
  4. Unit Cover Page– On p.79 in your interactive science notebook, create a cover page for the unit on Atoms, Elements, & the Periodic Table.
  • Write the title very large so that it is easy to read.
  • Draw a minimum of 3 pictures that represents the unit.
  • Color the entire page, corner to corner, using colored pencil or crayons- no white paper showing.