Monday, 4/4/16- B Day

Learning Objective:

  • to interpret the information given in the periodic table to describe the arrangement of electrons on the energy levels around an atom

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Energy Levels- Patterns p.88” (Left Side) and “Energy Levels-Model p.89” (Right Side) and Head page 88 properly with “Energy Levels-Identifying Patterns-4/4/16” and page 89 properly with “Energy Levels-Atom Models-4/4/16.”
  2. Notebook– Set up homework questions on page 88
  3. Notes-Introduction to the idea that electrons surround the nucleus of an atom in regions called energy levels- on page 89 of science notebook
  4. Game– Model how to play the game & then begin! Work together in pairs to place each card with its correct atom.
  5. Atom Models– Model how to arrange electrons within the energy levels for first atom model of each period. Students fill in the correct number of electrons in energy levels for the rest of the atom models in Energy Levels Elements 1-20 activity sheet.


Answer 2 questions on page 88. Due on Wednesday, 4/6

  • 1. What pattern do you see in the periods (rows)?
  • 2. What pattern do you see in the groups (columns)?