Monday, 4/18/16- A Day- First day of the last marking period- One more marking period until high school!

To my students:

I will not see most of you today, as I have meetings that I have to attend. Please be respectful & cooperative to the substitute and use your self-control. I look forward to hearing the stories of your spring vacation tomorrow!

Warmly, Mrs. Vigliotti

Learning Objective:

  • To interpret the information given in the periodic table to describe the arrangement of electrons on the energy levels around an atom

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Get out a sheet of lined paper and head it properly. Open the textbook to page 74 and read the first paragraph. On your lined paper, write a few sentences that predict what you think this section is about.
  2. Read pages 74-79 aloud as a full class.
  3. Answer questions 1-3 in complete sentences on your lined paper. You may work individually or with a partner.