Thursday, 4/21/16- B Day

To my students:

I am absent from school today. We have a quiz next week to assess what you have learned about the Periodic Table and Atoms. The crossword puzzle is to help you review the content for the quiz. Remember to be respectful & cooperative to the substitute and use your self-control.

Warmly, Mrs. Vigliotti

Learning Activities:

  1. Complete the Elements of the Periodic Table crossword puzzle and Element Word Search handout. Use your periodic tables on page 85 of your notebook for reference.
  2. Periods 3 & 6– Complete either the Atom or The Periodic Table crossword puzzle handout.
  3. Use your vocabulary flashcards with your cooperative learning partner to quiz each other on vocabulary.


Periodic Table and Atoms Quiz on Wednesday, 4/27 (STUDY science notebook pp.79-91)