Tuesday, 5/31/16-A Day

Learning Objectives:

  • To determine the motion of an object by the sum of the forces acting on it
  • To relate mass and force to a change in motion

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner; Get out your science notebook open to pages 104-105- your experiment on Newton’s 1st & 2nd laws; Talk to everyone in your lab group- Does everyone have the data written in his or her data table? Be sure to calculate averages too.
  2. Collect homework– Forces and Motion Basics PhET simulation (for anyone absent from class on Friday)
  3. Science Vocabulary– Copy the definitions for the following scientific terms onto the back of the flash-card template: force, motion, friction, inertia, speed, acceleration
  4. Advance OrganizerNewton’s First law- Inertia, Newton’s Second Law- Acceleration, Newton’s Third Law- Action & Reaction
  5. Investigation Experiment– How does the sum of forces on an object or the mass of an object affect the object’s motion? Use data to create a graph. Write conclusion (with writing prompts, if appropriate).


  • STUDY- Forces and Motion Quiz tomorrow 6/1
  • Science Notebook due Fri. 6/3