Thursday, 6/2/16- A Day

Learning Objectives:

  • To apply Newton’s third law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of objects

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner and Get out your science notebook and open to pages 104-105- your experiment on Newton’s 1st & 2nd laws.
  2. Advance OrganizerScooter Design Challenge: Newton’s 3rd Law in Action Teaching Channel video
  3. Engineering Project– Newton’s Scooters- In this project, you will use Newton’s third law of motion to design and build a vehicle that moves without the use of gravity or a power source such as electricity.Preparation stage
    • Research examples of Newton’s scooters using reliable internet sources to develop a scooter design. Remember that a car with wheels is only one type of vehicle, so keep an open mind!
    • Create a sketch of your design on a blank piece of paper. This will be a flip page to page 107 of your science notebook. Below your diagram, explain how the scooter will overcome the forces of friction and gravity. In other words, how will your scooter apply Newton’s 3rd Law to move? Identify the force that will propel your vehicle.
    • Form groups. Follow your teacher’s direction to form a group. Present your individual sketches/drawings to your group. Decide on a sketch/design to use for your prototype.
  4. Investigation Experiment– How does the sum of forces on an object or the mass of an object affect the object’s motion? Use data to create a graph. Write conclusion (with writing prompts, if appropriate).


  • Science Notebook due Fri. 6/3
  • Newton’s Scooter Design Challenge Final Project Presentation due Thu 6/9/Fri 6/10