Friday, 9/2/16- B Day

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Find your seat in your cooperative table group and Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner.
  2. Introduce myself and my expectations– A. How to enter the classroom; B. How to leave the classroom C. System for getting attention. After the clear,specific directions, practice the procedure. Correct any piece of the process done incorrectly. Redo the part of the process that was incorrect.
  3. Cue- Watch Growth Mindset videos- For each video, WRITE key ideas (qualities) of a Growth Mindset displayed in the video. PAIR with your cooperative table group partners listen to each others thoughts. Seat #1 will SHARE a summary of the group’s thoughts to develop a class summary of a growth mindset.


Get a composition notebook- due Tuesday, 9/6

Yoda & Growth Mindset:

Meet the Robinsons

October Sky