Wednesday, 9/14/16- A Day

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner; Get out your Interactive Science Notebook; Add to the Table of Contents- “Notebooks Across Time” on p.12 (Left Side) and “Notebooks Across Time” on p.13 (Right Side); Head p.12 properly with “Notebooks Across Time-Reflection-9/14/16 and head p.13 properly with “Notebooks Across Time-Observation-9/14/16.
  2. Notebook Set-up– Set up Discussion Questions on page 12 & Focus Questions on p.13 in science notebook.
  3. Cue/Focus Question– Set up page 13 in your interactive science notebook. How do scientists use notebooks? (Write-Pair-Share). Characteristics we expect to see in scientists’ notebooks. (Full Class Brainstorm)
  4. Check HW– first notebook entry on page 11


Discussion Questions on p.12 due on Friday, 9/16