Friday, 9/16/16- A Day

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner; Get out your Interactive Science Notebook and open it to page 12; Solve the following word picture puzzle.
  2. Science FridayWhen Eels Attack
  3. Review HW– Pages 11 & 12
  4. What do you look like doing science? Draw a picture of yourself doing science in the box on page 5 using the colored pencils that are in the bin


Be sure to have the following completed in Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) by Monday, 9/19

  • The front cover is labeled.
  • All pages are numbered properly.
  • The first 10 pages are trimmed & taped securely.
  • The first 10 pages are read and key concepts are highlighted.
  • The Table of Contents is complete, trimmed, and taped to the inside front cover.