Thursday, 9/22/16- A Day

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your signed safety contracts. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Paper Airplane p.16” (Left Side) and “Paper Airplane p.17” (Right Side). Head page 16 properly with “Paper Airplane-Evaluation-9/22/16 and page 17 properly with “Paper Airplane-Sample Lab Report-9/22/16.”
  2. Science Lab Safety Quiz- After the quiz, work silently on the drawing of you as a scientist on p. 5/Lab Safety Ad on p.14
  3. Lab Report EvaluationРIntroduce Design Problem & Focus Questions. Set up page 16 with Lab Report Evaluation Questions (Am I able to explain the meaning of the information on the lab report? Does it make sense? Can I repeat what the team who did the experiment has done? Do I agree with the conclusions? Why or why not?). Trim and tape sample lab report to page 17. Work as a group to review the Sample Lab Report on page 17 as scientists and engineers would. Complete the Rubric. Work together to answer the questions on page 16.


  • Lab Safety Ad on p.14 due tomorrow, 9/23
  • Get Science Safety Contract signed
  • Internet research to look for design improvements to a paper airplane