Monday, 9/26/16- A Day- Be Kind Extended Homeroom

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Get out your signed Lab Safety Contract. Get out your science notebook and open to pages 16-17. Guess what is happening in the following situation: A man went out for a walk. While he was walking, it began to rain. He was not wearing a coat or hat, and he did not have an umbrella. He continued to walk. His clothes and shoes got wet, yet his hair did not. Why?
  2. Lab Report Evaluation-Share what your group discovered. Does each group concur (agree) or refute (disagree) with the evaluation of the lab report? Our big question is- what does a good lab report look like?
  3. Investigation– How can we make a paper airplane travel further? Brainstorm together as a class on page 19 in your science notebook. Propose an improvement in design on page 19. Include a justification for improvements and a prediction based on research.