Friday, 10/7/16- A Day- Progress Report Period Ends

No Period 3- Agriculture Assembly in Auditorium

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and open to the flip page on page 19. Data recorders- share the data with your group. If the data is written in meters, convert it to centimeters. Remember: 1m = 100cm
  2. Science FridayEngineering the Perfect Pop
  3. Investigation– How can we make a paper airplane travel further? Complete Lab Safety Checklist “After Lab is Completed.” Share data and calculate average.Claim-Evidence-Reasoning Protocol-In your cooperative table group and on your easel paper (Be prepared to share with the full class)-

    CLAIM- What was your proposed design improvement? What effect did you predict your design improvement would have on your plane? Ex. Adding a paperclip to the paper plane makes it go farther.

    EVIDENCE- How do you know that? Describe the evidence (results/data) that support your claim. Ex. In this lab, the paper plane with a paperclip went an average distance of 30 meters and the paper plane without the paperclip went an average distance of 23 meters.

    REASONING- Why does your evidence support your claim? Explain how your evidence connects to your claim. Ex. Since the average distance that paper plane with the paperclip traveled is 7 meters further than the average distance that the plane without the paperclip traveled, adding a paperclip to a plane does make it travel further.