Thursday, 10/20/16- A Day- Extended Homeroom- Cross Country Home Meet Today!

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Design Detectives p.22” (Left Side). Head page 22 properly with “Design Detectives-Create Your Own Scenario- 10/20/16.” How many people do you see in this picture?
  2. Assessment– Experimental Design Key Words Quiz
  3. Periods 2 & 6- Experimental Scenarios– Design Detectives- Model identification of IV, DV, control, constants, etc. in an experimental scenario. Each cooperative table group is assigned an experimental scenario. Write-Pair-Share- Write the answers to the questions individually, discuss your answers with your group, share your scenario and answers with the class.
  4. Experimental Scenarios– Complete assigned scenario on page 23. Tape flip page and Design Detectives handout to page 23.
  5. Output-Create Your Own Scenario- On page 22, describe your own experimental scenario. Trade your notebook with a partner to see if he/she can identify the key parts to the design of the experiment.