Friday, 12/23/16- B Day- Early Dismissal

To all my students:

Enjoy your time with your families and friends! I look forward to seeing you when we return- all well-rested and ready to learn!


Mrs. Vigliotti

8:23-8:50 Period 7
8:53-9:20 Period 6 (Advanced Band Rehearsal at 9:10)
9:23-9:50 Period 5 (Chorus Reheasal at 9:50)
9:53-10:20 Period 4
10:25-10:52 CONCERT
10:55-11:22 CONCERT
11:25-12:00 CONCERT until 11:30 than HR

Learning Activities:

  1. Science FridaySnowflake Safari, Growing Snowflakes in a Bottle, and Another Reason to Spike the Eggnog
  2. Educational video- Bill Nye the Science Guy & Phases of Matter