Monday, 3/20/17- B Day- Happy Spring Equinox!

Core Ideas:

  • Substances are made from different types of atoms, which combine with one another in various ways. Atoms form molecules that range in size from two to thousands of atoms.
  • Each pure substance has characteristic physical properties (for any bulk quantity under given conditions) that can be used to identify it.

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now
  2. Density Informative/Explanatory Writing- REVISE– Revising is where you go back over your writing and you change it. You are not correcting for errors at this point. You are reorganizing things and identifying sections where your writing doesn’t make sense or needs more explanation. When you have completed the draft on the Google Doc, pair up with another student who has completed his or her writing. Share your Google Doc so that your partner can comment. Read each other’s writing and make suggestions in the comments about what doesn’t make sense and what needs more explanation. Then follow your partner’s suggestions and rework your writing until it makes sense and is a more finished piece.


Density Informative/Explanatory Writing Revision (Google Doc) is due Tuesday, 3/21