Tuesday, 3/21/17- A Day- Advisory Schedule




8:23-8:59 (36)

Period 1

9:02-9:42 (40)

Period 2

9:45-10:25 (40)

Period 3

10:28-11:08 (40)

Period 4

11:11-11:51 (40)

Period 5

11:56-1:16 (80)

Period 6

1:19-1:59 (40)

Period 7

2:02-2:45 (43)

Comets Lunch 12:11 to 12:31

Learning Objective:

  • To plan an investigation to identify factors that determine the friction force between two objects

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out a sheet of lined paper and put your name on top of it.
  2. Cue– Observe the cargo ship in the storm. On a piece of lined paper, write down how you might slow down, stop, or at least make it hard for the cars to move. You cannot secure the cars to the deck because there is not any ropes/chains. (Write-Pair-Share)
  3. Investigation– Shipping and Sliding (Friction) Experiment- Read Introduction (full class), observe different flooring materials & record observations in data table (cooperative table groups).


Density Informative/Explanatory Writing Final Copy (Google Doc) is due Friday, 3/24