Tuesday, 3/28/17- B Day- Science CMT

CMT Schedule
8:23-9:58 Science CMT
10:01-10:47 Period 5
10:50-11:36 Period 4
11:41-1:01 (includes lunch as usual with usual times) Period 2
1:04-1:50 Period 3
1:53-2:45 Period 1

Remember: As long as you act like a scientist when we do science, you will be treated like a scientist and conduct investigations. If not, you get to watch the rest of us do science.

  1. Do Now–  Get out your Shipping & Sliding Experiment packet. Get out your Data Table (on graph paper).
  2. Investigation– Shipping and Sliding (Friction) experiment- Set up graph paper with title & scale, and label each axis with a variable. Continue conducting your experiment and recording your data in the data table (cooperative table groups). Consider what kind of graph is most appropriate and plot appropriate and accurate data that will lead toward a conclusion. What conclusion can you make based on your data?