Thursday, 4/27/17- A Day- Flex Schedule

Core Ideas:

  • Each atom has a charged sub-structure consisting of a nucleus, which is made of protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons.
  • The periodic table orders elements horizontally by the number of protons in the atom’s nucleus and places those with similar chemical properties in columns. The repeating patterns of this table reflect patterns of outer electron states.

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Energy Levels p.76″ (Left Side) and “Energy Levels p.77” (Right Side). Head page 76 properly with “Energy Levels-Identifying Patterns-4/27/17” and head page 77 properly with “Energy Levels-Atom Model-4/27/17.”
  2. Notebook– Set up homework questions on page 76.
  3. Notes- Energy Level Models & the Periodic Table p.77Electrons surround the nucleus of an atom in regions called energy levels. Add Key Words period and group to the index at the back of your science notebook.
  4. Atom Models– Model how to arrange electrons within the energy levels for first atom model of each period. Students fill in the correct number of electrons in energy levels for the rest of the atom models in Energy Levels Elements 1-20 activity sheet. (I do… We do… You do…) Tape Energy Levels Elements 1-20 activity handout as a flip page to page 77.


Answer 2 questions on page 76.

  • 1. What pattern do you see in the periods (rows)?
  • 2. What pattern do you see in the groups (columns)?