Friday, 6/2/17- B Day- Bridge Structural Integrity Testing Day

Learning Objective:

  • To develop a performance-based project to demonstrate understanding of principles associated with building bridges
  • To acquire scientific knowledge regarding the design principles associated with force and load distribution in the design of a “popsicle stick” bridge
  • To design, build, and test a “popsicle stick” bridge within design parameters

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Sit with your bridge engineering team. Get your bridge and bring it back to your table. Clean up any left-over materials.
  2. Go to the following location to test how well you and your team succeeded in meeting the building parameters of the bridge according to the rubric.

Period 7 – BAND ROOM



Period 2 – 12:15 – AUDITORIUM

Period 3 – BAND ROOM