Monday, 6/5/17 to Friday, 6/9/17 (except Wednesday 6/7 Holiday Hill)

Science Phenomena Curation Project


You are going to collect examples of puzzling science phenomena that future 8th grade student scientists can try to figure out as they learn about the chemical and physical science content of 8th grade science class. These may be images or videos or some other observable event.  For each item in your collection, you will write a written commentary. In that description, you will summarize why each phenomenon would be good to help other students get interested in and begin their understanding of the science content. You will also brainstorm questions other students may have about the phenomenon.


You will collect and organize the images, videos, or other observable events in a Google Site. Go to your Google Drive and click on New. Then click on More and open a Google Site. You can insert a textbox or image, embed a URL, or upload a file that contains your science phenomena into this Google Site.


This is a description of each science phenomenon that you collected. You will need to:

  1. Describe what you observed in the image or video.
  2. Explain how the phenomenon relates to a concept in 8th grade physical science. How would this help other students be interested in the concept?
  3. What questions might students have about this phenomenon?

*For complete assignment, click here. For rubric, click here. Or you can see both by logging into Google Classroom.

*For example of a completed project, visit this Google Site.

*Class will meet in the library media center.