Thursday, 9/14/17- B Day- Open House tonight!

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your Growth Mindset paragraph. Be sure that your name is on it. Put your paper in a pile with the papers of the other people in your group. Put the pile of papers in the middle of the table. Get out your composition notebook.
  2. Diagram– “Two Mindsets”- Model examples from my life of when I used the growth mindset for each component-challenges, obstacles, effort, criticism, success of others. Individually students write their own examples of using the growth mind set on diagram. Share as full class.
  3. Introduce Interactive Science Notebook– Tell the whole class about the science notebooks and the types of activities during which we will use notebooks. Show students an example of a science notebook. Demonstrate how to label the cover and number the pages. Does anyone have any questions about when or how we will use the notebooks? What do you think the notebook might be useful for when doing science or learning about science?
  4. Exit Slip– “Tweet” out: In 140 characters or less, answer the following question: What is one way to demonstrate a growth mindset while you learn science?


Number all pages of your notebook, front and back.
Be careful not to skip pages or repeat numbers and use ink.