Friday, 9/15/17- A Day

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your interactive science notebooks. Trade notebooks and check every page of your partner’s notebook. Seat 1 should trade with seat 2 and seat 3 should trade with seat 4. Look for the following: Are all the pages numbered (front & back)? Is it in pen? Are any pages skipped or numbers repeated?/ Check HW– ISN page numbering
  2. Science Friday- Shedding Light on the New Zealand Glow Worm
  3. Introduce Interactive Science Notebook– Tell the whole class about the science notebooks and the types of activities during which we will use notebooks. Show students an example of a science notebook. Demonstrate how to label the cover and number the pages. Does anyone have any questions about when or how we will use the notebooks? What do you think the notebook might be useful for when doing science or learning about science? Distribute Interactive Science Notebook pages– Trim and tape the first 10 pages into notebook.