Friday, 9/22/17- A Day- Fall Equinox

Learning Tasks:

    1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework assignment in your planner. Get out your Interactive Science Notebook. Can you find the web address of the class blog anywhere on pages 1-9?
    2. Science FridayThe Giant Squid’s Biggest Mystery (Periods 3, 4, 6, & 7) or Breakthrough: Polar Bear Witness (Period 2 only)
    3. Team Eclipse Hurricane Harvey ExpertsPeriods 3, 4, 6, & 7
    4. Model how to add to Table of Contents & how to format Page Headings (including titles, entry types, & dates)
    5. First Notebook Entry– Give students the following prompts, and 5 minutes to write or draw their responses:
    • What are you looking forward to most about your science notebook?
      • I am looking forward to…
    • What do you still wonder about your science notebook?
      • I wonder…


Complete first notebook entry on page 10