Friday, 12/3/17- A Day


Are other objects that produce music also moving back and forth when they make sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to your DQST on pages 18 & 19.
  2. Science FridayWelcome to Hotel Nematoda
  3. Driving Question Summary Table- Complete the Summary Table on pages 18-19 for the Instruments Investigation on pages 22-23.
  4. Next Steps Class Discussion- Are the observations made with the instruments also true for other objects that produce sound? Could you use the model your class made to explain how the instruments made sounds to also explain how any object produces sound? How could we investigate this further?
  5. Index- Count back 6 pages from end. Label first of those pages on top- Index. Draw a cross with a ruler to separate each page into 4 boxes. There should be 24 boxes. Label each box with a letter of the alphabet. Double up Q/R and X/Y. There should be one letter for each box with the exception of Q/R and X/Y. Now you are ready to enter the vocabulary word Vibration.