Wednesday, 11/15/17- A Day


Do all objects vibrate when they are making sounds?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your ISN and open to page 24. Read your conclusion on page 24 to your group. What do all of the conclusions have in common? What is something different about one person’s conclusion?
  2. Scientific Language Notecards– Make a scientific Language Notecard for the key word elasticity. Tape Scientific Language notecard to ISN p.25. Enter the vocabulary word Elasticity p.25 to the E Section of your Index.
  3. Conclusion– Switch ISN’s around the table. Read each other’s conclusion on ISN p.24, looking for the six elements on the board. Place a sticky note on the conclusion with the elements that are missing.
  4. Driving Question Summary Table- Complete the Summary Table on pages 18-19 for the Instruments Investigation on pages 24-25.