Wednesday, 11/22/17- A Day- Early Dismissal Schedule- Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Science!

  1. Do Now– Ask the person who sits next to you if he or she will eat turkey tomorrow. If not, what will be eaten instead? Also find out if he or she prefers apple pie or pumpkin pie or no pie at all. Get out your ISN and open it to p.26
  2. Notebook work- Cut the conclusion from the packet and tape it to ISN p.26. Tape the rest of the handout onto ISN p.27.
  3. Science FridayMeet the Balloonatics
  4. Educational video– Does tryptophan in turkey make you drowsy?Chem Matters: Flavor Chemistry- The Science Behind the Taste and Smell of Food5 Tips for a Better Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving Chemistry