Friday, 1/12/18- B Day

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- Get out your science notebook and open to ISN pages 36-37.
  2. Science FridayThe Virtual Theme Park
  3. Review Investigative Phenomenon/Driving Question Summary Table- Review water balloon popping questions and then tape your model as a flip page to p.38. Review DQST on ISN pages 36-37.
  4. Engineering a Solution Project- Biomimicry ExtensionРBiomimicry is an approach to engineering that seeks a sustainable solution to human problems by imitating the patterns, models, systems, or strategies found in nature. For example, geckos are able to defy gravity to scale walls and hang from ceilings. This has inspired NASA engineers to make things stick to each other in space using the same model of van der Waals forces so they can do things like pick up junk in space.