Friday, 1/19/18- B Day


Does temperature affect the speed of molecules in a liquid?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- Get out your science notebook and add to your Table of Contents- “Effect of Temperature- p.40” (Left Side). Open your notebook to page 40 and head it properly with “Effect of Temperature 1/19/18.”
  2. Science FridayWhen Eels Attack
  3. Model– Set up ISN p.40. Draw a model of water molecules in cold, room temperature, and hot water based on your observations of the investigation of food coloring in hot and cold water.
  4. Claim/Evidence/Reasoning (CER)- On ISN p.40, make a claim about whether temperature affects the speed of molecules in a liquid. Support your claim with evidence and reasoning. Observe animation of heating and cooling a liquid to adjust model.