Thursday, 1/25/18- B Day


Does temperature affect the speed of particles in a solid?

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to your Table of Contents- “Particles in Solid- p.43” (Right Side). Open your notebook to page 43 and head it properly with “Particles in Solid-1/25/18.”
  2. Scientists Circle– Discuss with your group the following questions: What do you know about molecules in a liquid? How does heating or cooling affect the speed of the molecules and the distance between them? Do you think what you learned about molecules in a liquid would be the same as or different than the particles in a solid?
  3. Demonstration Investigation– How does temperature affect the particles in a solid? Set up page 43. Determine experimental variables and a hypothesis, and for the key question. Observe the ball and ring demonstration and record your observations on ISN p.43. Then, answer questions 3-5 on the Demonstration handout. Trim and tape the demonstration handout as a flip page to ISN p.43.