Wednesday, 1/31/18- B Day


Does temperature affect the speed of particles in a solid?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- Get out your science notebook and open to page 42-43.
  2. Driving Questions Summary Table– Complete the DQST on ISN pages 36-37 for the Particles in Solid on ISN pages 42-43.
  3. Anchoring Model/Explanation– How can the oobleck be both a liquid and a solid? What did we figure out about the effect of temperature on the movement of particles in a solid with our investigation of the solid metal ball and ring ? How do you think this relates to how oobleck works? Add what we figured out about liquid and solid matter to our model of oobleck.
  4. Period 3- Gallery Walk- You will have 3 minutes to observe each model. As a group, write feedback on 3 sticky notes, one for each prompt:
    3 prompts:
    This model is effective because…(positive feedback)
    Did you consider…(constructive feedback)
    Something I’ve seen in other models is…/Something unique to your model is…
    This is an active investigation, but remember to use inside voices. Once 3 minutes is up and the timer rings, your group will rotate, clockwise, to the next station. This procedure continues until groups have visited all stations and return to the station at which they started.