Monday, 2/12/18- B Day


How does temperature affect the particles in a gas?

Learning Tasks:

  1. New Seats!
  2. Animation– Particles of a Gas- What did you notice about the molecules of a gas: Do the molecules of a gas have strong or weak attractions? Are the molecules of a gas randomly or orderly arranged? When the molecules of a gas hit each other, do they normally stick together or bounce off?
  3. Model and Claim/Evidence/Reasoning (CER)– Set up ISN p.44. Draw a model of the air molecules in the bottle when it is placed in hot and cold water based on your observations of the soap bubble on the top of the bottle. Also on ISN p.44, make a claim about whether temperature affects the molecules in a gas like air. Support your claim with evidence and reasoning. Observe animation of heating and cooling gas in a bottle to help your reasoning.
  4. Investigative Phenomenon–Why does a balloon grow when it is heated? Using what you learned about the effect of temperature on the motion of molecules in a gas from the investigation of air in a bottle, create a model to explain what is happening to the balloon in the hot car. Observe the animation “Heating Molecules of a Gas” and refine your model. Tape your model as a flip page to p.44.