Tuesday, 2/13/18- Thursday, 2/14/18

All classes will meet in the library to work on the Changes in State HyperDoc.

The following message has been posted in Google Classroom:


*DIRECTIONS*- Based on the investigations that you have been doing on liquid, solid, & gas states of matter, complete the Changes of State Hyperdoc attached. It is view-only and that is all you need. Start with the green section called ENGAGE and then continue to work through each section on your own and at your own rate: EXPLORE (yellow), EXPLAIN (pink), ELABORATE/EXTEND (blue), and EVALUATE (purple). You will show Mrs. Vigliotti your work at the end of each section. You will also complete two models with a collaborative group.

*LEARNING GOALS*- Students will be able to create a model that explains what happens to particle motion, temperature, and states of matter when heat energy is added or removed.

*TIME*- You have one week to complete this HyperDoc. You will be given five class periods to work during class time. The EXPLORE section will take one class period, the EXPLAIN section will take two class periods, the ELABORATE/EXTEND section will take one class period, and the EVALUATE section will take one class period. If you do not finish a particular section on time, you will be expected to complete it outside of class. ALL PARTS OF THE ASSIGNMENT ARE DUE ON THURSDAY, 2/22 AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.

*TURN-IN PROCESS*- You will check in with Mrs. Vigliotti and show your work at the end of each section. Before you may proceed to the next section, the task must be completed in its entirety. The final models will be handed in at the beginning of class on Thursday, 2/22.