Monday, 2/26/18- B Day


What causes heat energy to be transferred? How do changes in heat energy affect particle motion, temperature, & states of matter?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- Look at thisWhat is happening to the wicked witch of the west? Please explain!
    • What is this change of state called? What is the beginning state of matter and what is the ending state?
    • How is this affecting the motion of her particles?
    • Is heat energy added or removed? How is the temperature changing?
  2. Educational VideosMolecules in Solids/Molecules in Liquids Eureka!
  3. Changes in State HyperDoc– You should be completing the pink Explain Section. Now that you have studied, watched, and read the resources, collaborate with no more than two other students to develop a model on the paper given that describes/explains: the liquifying of candle wax OR a puddle drying up in the sun AND the hardening of molten metal OR the “smoke” you see when you breathe in cold air. Your model should feature the following changes:
    • Particle motion
    • Temperature
    • Change of state of matter

Your model should include the following:

  1. Observable and unobservable features
  2. The passing of time (ex. before-during-after)
  3. A key to show how you are representing different things (ex. How are you representing particles? What is showing temperature?)
  4. Writing- Explain how the evidence from your explorations supports your model.

Home Learning

Changes of State Model due at beginning of class on Wed. 2/28