Wednesday, 2/28/17- B Day


How does heat energy from the sun drive the cycling of water through Earth’s systems? How does water change its state as it moves through the multiple pathways of the water cycle?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now
  2. Educational VideoThe Water Cycle
  3. Student ReadingThe Hydrologic Cycle ReadWorks article and question set
  4. Complete the model for the Changes in State HyperDoc– Your model describes/explains: the liquifying of candle wax OR a puddle drying up in the sun AND the hardening of molten metal OR the “smoke” you see when you breathe in cold air.

Your model should feature the following changes:

  • Particle motion
  • Temperature
  • Change of state of matter

Your model should include the following:

  • Observable and unobservable features
  • The passing of time (ex. before-during-after)
  • A key to show how you are representing different things (ex. How are you representing particles? What is showing temperature?)
  • Writing- Explain how the evidence from your explorations supports your model.

Home Learning:

STUDY- States of Matter/Changes of State Quiz on Friday 3/2

**Bring your science notebook to class tomorrow!