Thursday, 4/26/18- A Day


Do liquids follow the same rules for sinking and floating as solids? Do all liquids have the same density as water?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Copy down your homework assignment in your planner. Get out your science notebook to pages 52-53.
  2. Driving Question Summary Table– Complete the DQST on ISN pgs. 52-53 for the Sinking and Floating Investigations on ISN pgs. 62-65.
  3. Final Model/Explanation- Watch the phenomenon again carefully. Also check out this person floating in the Dead Sea, these large floating ducks, and floating lemons but sinking limes. What determines whether something sinks or floats? On the white paper, draw your ideas of what you have learned is happening when something sinks or floats.
  4. Practice– Take It Further Questions 7-10 handout

Home Learning-

Science Notebooks (ISN’s) due as follows:

  • Monday 4/30- Period 3
  • Tuesday 5/1- Period 4
  • Wednesday 5/2- Period 2
  • Thursday 5/3- Period 6
  • Friday 5/4- Period 7