Tuesday, 5/1/18- B Day- SBAC Testing- ELA CAT 2- Periods 4, 2, & 3

  • Testing Periods: HR, 7, & 6
  • Class Rotation: 5, 4, 2, 3, 1

Learning Tasks:

*Period 4- Collect ISN’s

  1. Do Now– Mass, Volume, & Density Science 360 Video– What does density have to do with hockey?
  2. Final Model/Explanation- Watch the phenomenon again carefully. Also check out this person floating in the Dead Sea, these large floating ducks, and floating lemons but sinking limes. What determines whether something sinks or floats? On the white paper, draw your ideas of what you have learned is happening when something sinks or floats.
  3. Self Reflection for the Unit on Density– Refer to page 8 in your ISN for directions on how to write a Self-Reflection. Use the Google Doc in Google Classroom to type your responses in the light grey boxes for each of the steps.

Home Learning-

Density Assessment on Tue. 5/8

Science Notebooks (ISN’s) due as follows:

  • Tomorrow 5/2- Period 2
  • Thursday 5/3- Period 3
  • Friday 5/4- Period 7