Friday, 5/11/18- B Day- SBAC (7th Grade) Schedule- 5, 4, 7, 6, 2, 3, & 1

JASON Project Operation Terminal Velocity- Expedition 2: A Universe of Motion- What is Motion?

Learning Objective:

Students will understand that motion is relative to a reference point and the difference between distance and displacement.

Learning Tasks:

  1. Science FridayHurricane in a Box
  2. Educational Game– The Fast and the Curious- Use the link below to get to the game The Fast and the Curious in the JASON Project website. Take a few laps around the racetrack behind the wheel of the Argorado, JASON’s fastest race car. Then, see what the speed and velocity graphs look like for your race! After you have finished, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR GAME. Answer the questions about your results in the worksheet below. Use the Speed and Velocity graphs to answer the questions.