Monday, 5/14/18- A Day- Maker Monday

Learning Objective:

  • Students will generate inquiry questions

* Lesson today from John Spencer’s The Creative Classroom. Check it out!

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now- Watch The Power of Creative Constraints
  2. Maker Monday– Phase 1: Look, Listen, & Learn– Survey each of your classmates using the options you created. Make sure to write your data in the table. Individually, create a bar graph or a circle graph demonstrating the data. Share your results with your LAUNCH team. What trends do you notice? What
    will that mean in terms of creating an engaging sport?
  3. Maker Monday- Phase 2: Ask Tons of Questions– What kinds of questions would someone have about your game? Think about all the questions that they will need to know? (i.e. What are the rules? What are the roles?) List 5 questions in your handout. As a team, share your questions. Add the questions to chart paper and individually add any additional questions that your group came up with to your handout. Do a Gallery Walk to look at the questions of other LAUNCH teams and again add questions to your handout.