Wednesday, 10/3/18- B Day Block Schedule Periods 1, 3, 5, & 7

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– What do you know about your own eyesight? After watching the video, what have you learned about your eyesight?
  2. Science Lab Safety Regulations– Safety is my number one concern and I am very serious about it. Go over the safety rules. Point out safety equipment & emergency shut-off in classroom. Tape safety regulations to inside of back cover of science notebook.
  3. Safety Contract- Complete the Lab Safety Contract form and take it home to be signed.
  4. What do you look like doing science? Draw a picture of yourself doing science in the box on page 5 using colored pencils.
  5. Science Safety Exit Slip Tweet– In 280 characters or less, answer one of the following questions:
    • Which science lab safety rule do you think is most important & why?
    • Invent an interesting science safety slogan.

Home Learning:

  • Get Science Safety Contract signed
  • Science Safety Quiz on Friday, 10/5